The Plume of Niagara Points the Way Home

yule rising  mist

Living in Niagara Falls has an added feature I should tell you about. That “cloud formation” you see there is NOT a tornado. It’s visible nearly everyday and it always guides us around.

That is the mist rising up from Niagara Falls. As the water goes over the Falls, it creates a huge plume of mist that gently rises up into a cloud. We can see it from all over the city. Here I am, many miles from home. Because I live not very many blocks from the Falls I have frequently used that plume to distinguish which direction I need to head to go home.

It’s more visible in winter because the cold air temperature creates more mist- and because there are no leaves on the trees so it is easier to see. I forget how lucky we are to have this constant. To have the constant rumble of the rapid water and the beautiful mist.

Well, I haven’t been writing for a few weeks and really it’s only because I have been so overwhelmed with renovating both a house and a business at the same time.

The holiday season is in complete and full swing and it is so wonderful to have good friends to celebrate with. This week I put the menorrah up in front of the Christmas tree and started lighting the candles at sunset. The cats are climbing the Christmas tree but so far the menorrah is safe.

So my house has a pretty “diverse” festivity:

kitten menorrahkitten tree

To end the week, we went to two different Christmas celebrations: so many good long hard laughs and spending time with friends. It’s been so good to get out and socialize- because even though the winter weather is very young- we already are a little stir crazy.

After the Christmas parties, we stopped at our dear friends’ house for a very special Winter Solstice celebration and fire. We got rid of old feelings and troubles and welcomed a brand new start and the return of the sunlight.

yule fire

It was great sitting around the bonfire in the winter! The sky was clear and the wind was nearly still. The fire was so hot and comfortable. Gosh my friends here in Niagara Falls are truly family. They just welcome you right into their family.

I’m not sure how this week will go- they are calling for a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day snow storm. If that’s true- the kids will be out using that magical Christmas snow to make Frosty the Snowman!

I’ll close with a pretty photo of a home in Niagara Falls all decked out in those nice large multi-colored nostalgic Christmas lights.

yule decorations

Be safe everyone. And please- accept my most sincere wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season.





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