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Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

In a manic rush of the changing seasons, coming holidays and work overload this week has been and incredible challenge of stamina, sanity and amusement!

There is so much to do here in Niagara that a person can go crazy narrowing down the choices.  I had to sacrifice some of the great events this week but in the end I had a great time.

This month marks the one year point since we made the winning bid on a city auction for a lovely craftsman duplex in a strong neighborhood. Our purchase and renovation has been featured in Circa, on online magazine for old house lovers.

Since that time, we’ve waited out a winter and begun work to the graceful old girl and continue to push ahead. We toiled in the summer heat with demo and endless drywall and painting projects. Our goal of moving into the house by this Thanksgiving has had to be postponed but we are persevering with a loving renovation.

I found a photo of a beautiful arts and crafts era decoration on the web early in the project and struggled for a way to somehow fit it into our home. I decided to replicate that design for our address numbers.

house numbers

(Inspiration, Left / New House Numbers, Right)


In the middle of the week I was lucky enough to be invited to a kirtan in nearby North Tonawanda.  Just a 15 minute drive found me and a few good friends at a small historic Strand Theater in the city. We were greeted by welcoming people in a warm and friendly cozy building. At the bar was a buffet of food that folks brought in to share along with smiling faces and warm greetings. The kirtan was lead by a group of talented and glowing people.  The best way I can describe a kirtan for those who have never attended is that it is a singing, chanting meditation of the Hindu tradition- but open to everyone. You don’t need to know what the words mean. Just the rhythm, harmony and repetition of the sounds and the syllables slows your breath and clears your mind so that you can connect to a place that soothes your spirit. The theater is informal- and homespun. We sat on cushions on the floor and soft comfortable sofas that took the place of theater seating. The walls and ceiling were illuminated by tiny green dots of light- stars that slowly moved around and above us during the enchanting experience.


The night was so healing for me that I will be sure to watch for upcoming events thanks to the facebook group Buffalo Kirtan. Yet another great way to connect with my fellow Western New Yorkers who are leading an eclectic life.

From spiritual highness to experiential strangeness the week ended on a note of sheer abandon at the Rocky Horror Picture Show hosted in the beautiful Riviera Theater. Come as you are or come as you want to be; this Rocky Horror Picture Party is hands-down the best one I have been to since 1988. The Riviera doesn’t “tolerate” Rocky Horror, it CELEBRATES it! Prop bags were for sale (sold out!) and we were allowed ALL of the props from rice to water guns from toast to playing cards and all the toilet paper we could throw!

rocky horror 01

The theater was packed with revelers and the mood was all for one. Suddenly buddies with the people in the rows behind and in front of us, we tossed inflated condoms like beach balls across the crowds. We shared toilet paper rolls to relaunch and covered each other during the rain storm. Before the picture show began we were surely treated to amazing drag performances and the slow burning sizzling tease of Burlesque.  By the time the midnight showing of Rocky Horror ended, the theater looked like a shipwreck and we were all so thankful to know that volunteers were staying for an all-night cleanup and that the Riviera was not going to be stuck with 5200 playing cards and 2800 pieces of dry toast.

rocky horror

This week ends back where it started; lovingly working away on this old craftsman house. Promising her we’d be there before the winter is over and that she has already suffered her last year without heat. Today we work on more brick repointing, interior painting and prep for refinishing the beautiful hard wood front door.

What a whirlwind of a week! What a great place to call home.